Late Afternoon, Budapest Train Station (2011)


This photo was taken in Budapest’s Keleti Train Station. The first time I looked at the photo as it came out of the Canon 550D, I noticed a large green aura in the middle of the image and felt an eerie vibe. Turns out it may be a defect from the Canon 50mm f1.8 lens, but it’s striking how it combines with sunbeams streaming in the enormous window to focus our gaze on the ghostlike older gentleman.

  • Paul

    Really like this shot, very european.

  • henryoddi

    Thanks! I haven’t processed/photoshopped it yet – though I kind of wish it was a bit lighter. Thankfully, when you mouse-over it on this page it has the nice effect of brightening the picture.

    Do you think I should clean up the chromatic aberrations (like the purple fringing around the power lines) or leave it as is?