Experiments with Minimal WordPress Layouts

After letting henryoddi.com sit dormant for a couple of years now (fail), I’ve been revamping the site with one goal in mind: hitting the publish button.

Thanks John Saddington, for your excellent talk at Transform Athens this week. You were unwilling to accept excuses for doing anything else, and that was inspiring.

With that in mind, I went back and scrapped my old layout. Rest in piece, triple-exposure Holga of Daejeon Beach on my gross custom theme.


Twenty Thirteen

I really want to like Twenty Thirteen. I swear. But it still carries more visual luggage than I am going for right now. Maybe I’ll revisit this theme later.



Minimal and elegant — Sounds good, right? Very strong contender, though the default typography has me reaching for the next theme below.



There we go. No fluff, no pain. I’ll give Decode one week, and then go back and compare notes.

After all, isn’t this supposed to be more about sharing words & ideas?