Late Afternoon, Budapest Train Station (2011)


This photo was taken in Budapest’s Keleti Train Station. The first time I looked at the photo as it came out of the Canon 550D, I noticed a large green aura in the middle of the image and felt an eerie vibe. Turns out it may be a defect from the Canon 50mm f1.8 lens, but it’s striking how it combines with sunbeams streaming in the enormous window to focus our gaze on the ghostlike older gentleman.

Silent Qi Gong, Monastery in Chengde, China (2012)

Qi Gong in the Monastery


I’ll kick off this long-delayed (since 2005…) photo blog with a favorite photo of mine from Chengde, China. This is inside a Buddhist Monastery with a Tibetan-style architecture, located not far from the Emperor’s Mountain Resort (BiShuShanZhuang – 避暑山庄). Taken on a Canon AE-1 with 50mm prime lens, on Kodak 400TX.

Three elements in this photograph that I enjoy:

  • The woman’s fragmented shadow as she practices Qi Gong (Tai Qi)
  • The beautiful texture & patterns created by the bricks
  • Her awesome white sun visor

Any thoughts on how to format/display this series?