Silent Qi Gong, Monastery in Chengde, China (2012)

Qi Gong in the Monastery


I’ll kick off this long-delayed (since 2005…) photo blog with a favorite photo of mine from Chengde, China. This is inside a Buddhist Monastery with a Tibetan-style architecture, located not far from the Emperor’s Mountain Resort (BiShuShanZhuang – 避暑山庄). Taken on a Canon AE-1 with 50mm prime lens, on Kodak 400TX.

Three elements in this photograph that I enjoy:

  • The woman’s fragmented shadow as she practices Qi Gong (Tai Qi)
  • The beautiful texture & patterns created by the bricks
  • Her awesome white sun visor

Any thoughts on how to format/display this series?


  • Yin Martin Wang

    She released herself in a enclosed and embraced place, that what I saw from the picture!

  • Henry Oddi

    Agreed! But was she aware of the viewers from above? Would she care?