Oddi UGA No11

Location: Athens, GA

Studied: International Business, Management, Chinese @ The University of Georgia

Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese

Languages in Progress: Spanish, Japanese, Persian, Korean


  • Technology
  • Photography
  • Languages
  • Ice Hockey
  • Running
  • Yoga
  • Computers
  • Cooking
  • Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Cars & Motorcycles
  • Hiking & Outdoors


  • People who go slow in the left lane, people who get too upset about the people riding too slow in the left lane (though I may be included in that category, on occasion)
  • Feeling guilty after looking at the nutrition facts label
  • Being unproductive when you want to get stuff done. Conversely, being distracted by things you want to do when you are trying to relax.

Activities I Miss:


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