Accepting Myself through Diversity

I spoke tonight with Randy Groomes, a great mentor and friend of mine. We talked about an assignment for his Workforce Diversity program that he has developed over the past 7 years, which had a direct impact on my thinking and the choices I’ve made in my life and career. I think differently about the world and how I want to be a member of it. Naturally, I feel honored to be included in the further refinement of a program that I regard so highly.

Surprisingly, by thinking about diversity, I’ve also learned to be more accepting of myself. The very fact that I’m different no longer means that there is something wrong with me, it means that I can help other groups see differently or in a small way, get things ‘right.’

My unique quirks, perceptions, quibbles, and collection of skills make me who I am. I struggle with my weaknesses still, and my “aught to be’s” on a daily basis, but thinking about nature and heterogeneity is oddly calming to me. We improve our chances of survival by embracing and including all members of our communities.

Thanks Randy!

Late Afternoon, Budapest Train Station (2011)


This photo was taken in Budapest’s Keleti Train Station. The first time I looked at the photo as it came out of the Canon 550D, I noticed a large green aura in the middle of the image and felt an eerie vibe. Turns out it may be a defect from the Canon 50mm f1.8 lens, but it’s striking how it combines with sunbeams streaming in the enormous window to focus our gaze on the ghostlike older gentleman.

Silent Qi Gong, Monastery in Chengde, China (2012)

Qi Gong in the Monastery


I’ll kick off this long-delayed (since 2005…) photo blog with a favorite photo of mine from Chengde, China. This is inside a Buddhist Monastery with a Tibetan-style architecture, located not far from the Emperor’s Mountain Resort (BiShuShanZhuang – 避暑山庄). Taken on a Canon AE-1 with 50mm prime lens, on Kodak 400TX.

Three elements in this photograph that I enjoy:

  • The woman’s fragmented shadow as she practices Qi Gong (Tai Qi)
  • The beautiful texture & patterns created by the bricks
  • Her awesome white sun visor

Any thoughts on how to format/display this series?


Experiments with Minimal WordPress Layouts

After letting sit dormant for a couple of years now (fail), I’ve been revamping the site with one goal in mind: hitting the publish button.

Thanks John Saddington, for your excellent talk at Transform Athens this week. You were unwilling to accept excuses for doing anything else, and that was inspiring.

With that in mind, I went back and scrapped my old layout. Rest in piece, triple-exposure Holga of Daejeon Beach on my gross custom theme.


Twenty Thirteen

I really want to like Twenty Thirteen. I swear. But it still carries more visual luggage than I am going for right now. Maybe I’ll revisit this theme later.



Minimal and elegant — Sounds good, right? Very strong contender, though the default typography has me reaching for the next theme below.



There we go. No fluff, no pain. I’ll give Decode one week, and then go back and compare notes.

After all, isn’t this supposed to be more about sharing words & ideas?